About Us

Get to know our brand, the founder & our unique POV.

A Unique Process & Client Experience

We could be described as a modern, new-age studio.

Our customers always come first. Our goal is not only to deliver them a wonderful and unique brand but also to provide the best possible client experience.

We approach our work by finding solutions to problems, and our collaboration is characterized by responsibility, professionalism, consistency, attention to detail, and a friendly atmosphere. We are fully dedicated to YOU in our cooperation.

Eva Poniraki


Meet Eva, the powerhouse behind Cult Muse Studio. Armed with an MBA and MSc, she's not your typical number cruncher – she's the brand architect who transforms brands into must-haves, while keeping them authentic and relatable.

From Athens to Rome, Barcelona, and Madrid, Eva's 10-year journey isn't just a resume. It's a story of international twists and turns, broadening her horizons in academia and the professional realm that shape her unique approach to brand transformation.

But Eva's not just about theories and degrees. She's out there, soaking up inspiration from every corner of the globe and bringing back fresh ideas to energize our collaborations. Because turning heads isn't just a strategy; it's a rock anthem.