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01/ Strategy + branding

Strategy seamlessly intertwines with the premium aesthetics of branding. Your competitive advantage and values guide the creation of essential brand elements like your logo, color palette, business card, and more.

This holistic approach ensures that each visual aspect reflects the uniqueness of your business, contributing to a cohesive and distinctive brand identity in a competitive market.

A well-crafted brand strategy not only sets you apart but also fosters trust, loyalty, and recognition. It creates a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of your target audience, serving as the foundation of customer loyalty and a powerful magnet for attracting new clientele.

Our strategic approach delves into core values and unique selling points, crafting a compelling narrative that drives your business success.

02/ Website Design

In a competitive digital landscape, your website functions as a virtual storefront, reflecting your professional identity and fostering user trust.

Investing in an appealing, functional website enhances online visibility, elevates user engagement, and drives business growth. This strategic move ensures a distinctive online presence, positioning your brand for digital success.

We specialize in creating custom, premium websites tailored to your business needs. Our approach involves building websites from scratch, offering a truly personalized digital presence.

We also offer annual maintenance and hosting for a holistic and enduring online solution. Your website is an essential component of contemporary professionalism, serving as an online 'showcase' for customers to explore and evaluate your business.

03/ Social Media Profiles

Your Instagram profile serves as a dynamic communication channel, bridging the gap with your existing customers and drawing in potential ones. By curating compelling content, leveraging strategic hashtags, and fostering an interactive environment, you strengthen connections with loyal customers and cultivate interest among prospective clients.

From selecting a username and crafting a compelling bio to choosing relevant hashtags and creating for your your posts and stories, we’ve got you covered!

In today's digital landscape, an optimized Instagram profile is more than just a snapshot; it's a vibrant, ever-evolving story that significantly contributes to your brand's online presence and marketing strategy.

Q&A, Brand Audit, And Beyond

04/ Private Consulting sessions

Gain clarity, feedback, and actionable steps to elevate your brand. During these hourly 1:1 sessions, we elevate your brand together by tailoring the session based on your specific needs on your brand, strategy, website, socials, marketing techniques, or your personal or business brand. ‍

Here's what's included: ‍

- 1:1 Video Calls (60 min / session)
- Feedback on brand, strategy, messaging and visuals
- Personalized guidance for brand building and strategy development
- Advice for optimizing website and social media presence
- Review and feedback of marketing techniques, materials, and results
- Tailored solutions and specific steps to overcome obstacles and empower your brand.

Recent Projects

Our Client Love

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the amazing work you have done with my brand and website.
I am very pleased with the result. You have taken a task that was terrifying in my eyes and converted it to a smooth pleasant experience, always listening patiently to my requests and introducing cutting-edge solutions. Your professionalism and expertise are remarkable, your detailed and focused approach admirable and your kindness and patience gracious.
I really appreciate your efforts and enjoyed the very pleasant collaboration. I would recommend Cult Muse Studio wholeheartedly. My very best wishes to you and all in Cult Muse Studio. Once again thank you so much.

My collaboration with Cult Muse Studio was and still is excellent!

Eva and her team are professionals, with excellent knowledge of their work, polite, consistent, and methodical. They processed various parameters about my business, took into consideration my taste and philosophy, and presented their proposals for my new brand step by step, with in-depth analysis and arguments. The website they created for me, as well as my new Instagram and Facebook pages, and the various ways of promotion, along with the consultancy and tips they provided, are now my new tools! An also important aspect of our collaboration, which is still ongoing, is my social media management, which they have managed until today with great responsibility. I thank them for everything!

I couldn't be more satisfied with the branding work that Eva did.

From the logo and the design of my invoice to the business card design, every aspect was carefully and meticulously built. They were sharp and on time with our project deadlines, and our collaboration was smooth, friendly, and supportive. Eva was approachable and friendly during our collaboration and made me feel comfortable expressing my needs and questions. I highly recommend Cult Muse Studio to anyone looking for exceptional services in branding.

The collaboration with Eva was the absolute personal Branding experience.
I collaborated with her in the building of my own personal brand. She is an economist and entrepreneur with hard-won skills and knowledge, and you can see it from the first moment you meet her. Through Strategy, Personal Branding, Visual Elements (eg. Logo, business card), as well as the building of my own LinkedIn profile and website, she created a unique, strategy-driven, and aesthetic personal brand for me. Her talent to see your superpowers, your USP, and combine them with strategy and art is amazing. She is very polite, friendly, strategy-driven, target-oriented, a great business consultant, and she can work under pressure without stressing you at all, while she is giving you a new unique and elevated brand at hand, done for you.
I totally recommend her to any business or professional who wants to create or elevate his/her brand.

Eva is a branding Rockstar!
In a techno-changing and charged world that demands authenticity, the ability to stand out, Eva gets in, creating the elevated version of your brand that will blow your and your client’s mind. She understands the vital importance of establishing yourself as the expert. Eva accelerates you into that expert role faster than anyone. No one is more adept at understanding and leveraging the branding, strategy, website, and social media methods. Eva knows that you bring credibility to the company or your business, not the other way around. And she wastes no time in making it happen. She also effortlessly applied innovative strategies and transformational results in both businesses and professionals. She immediately helped me identify that my experience as an entrepreneur was the greatest asset I could leverage. She has completely reshaped my personal brand making me stand out professionally.